Do You Know What Is Goal Range Betting?
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What Is Goal Range Betting?

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Sports betting will only continue to get more popular because of how easily it appeals to a wide array of tastes. There are betting markets out there that you could try a different one every other week and still not run out of markets to check out after a year! However, today, we’ll be discussing one of the less popular yet profitable betting markets worth giving a try in sports right now; goal range betting. Here, we’ll explore the vast depths of this betting market to see what it has to offer as well as the best way to use it.

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Goal Range Betting – What It Is

It is essentially a variant of your classic over or under goals wager. As such, you’re still betting on a certain number of goals being scored during a given event. However, the difference between this market and your typical over/under total goals wager is that rather than stake on the number of goals scored being over or under a particular value, here, you’ll be wagering on the precise range of purposes the scoreline will read at any given point. As such, the first thing you need to remember about goal range betting is that it leaves minimal room for error. Reputable online sports betting platforms like SBOtop provide this particular betting method in the form of a choice of goals referred to as “brackets” or “bands.” So, when you want to stake on this type of wager, all you have to do is select the band or bracket that you think the actual number of goals will score.

Example of Goal Range Betting

You may see something like this: West Ham vs. Man City

Total Goals Bands

Scoreline Odds
0-1 3.00
0-2 1.55
0-3 1.20
1-2 2.60
1-3 1.40
2-3 2.20
2.5 2.30
6+ 8.0

So, if you opt to wager on the 0 – 1 goal range, the only outcome that ensures you walk away a winner is if the total number of goals scored in that match falls within that specific band. It means that you win if the match ends in a goalless draw or if either party scored only one goal in the event. However, if two or more goals find the net, you effectively lose your bet. The same applies to other brackets and bands you find listed up there. As you can see, this exciting spin on over/under total goals demands a greater level of accuracy and precision for you to win. But, what you get in return are significantly better odds than you would ever find with your typical over/under total goals wager.

When Is The Right Time To Use This Betting Market?

Due to sports’ highly volatile and unpredictable nature, the good games to use in this market don’t present themselves often. So, don’t try this market unless you’re confident of a given outcome.
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