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Total Goals Betting Market Reviews

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No discussion about football betting markets can be considered complete without mentioning the total goals betting market. It has everything that most bettors look for in a betting system. It’s uncomplicated, pays well, and gives you a lot of latitudes to manage risks! Let’s delve deeper into this betting market to see all it has to offer!

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Understanding Total Goals Betting

As the name suggests, this betting market operates on the ability of bettors to accurately guess the total number of goals scored at a given point. There are many options available to explore when betting for actual purposes. It includes but isn’t limited to;

The Over/Under Total Goals Market

As we mentioned at the start, the total goals market is free of complexities. However, the over/under total goals variant of this betting market is the simplest variant of them all. The only thing needed to win big here is to accurately predict that the goals scored by both teams in the competition will or will not exceed a pre-established threshold. So, when your bookie specifies a relevant number, you as a bettor must choose whether you want to wager that the number of goals scored in that match will exceed or fall short of that number!

Number Of Goals Brackets Market

There’s less room for error with this particular variant of total goals betting. It is because, here, you’re expected to wager on the same range of plans that both teams will collectively concede by the end of an event. In addition to this, the specific bracket that’ll be available to you will differ widely from bookie to bookie.

Exact Number Of Goals Market

This variation of total goals betting pushes the limits of precision betting even further! While you have a range with the previous market, this market demands that you name the exact number of goals scored in each event.

Total Goals By Team Market

When betting on this type of total goal, your focus is on the goal efforts of a particular team. It would help guess how many goals that specific team will score in a match. What’s more, in this particular market, the number of goals that the opposing team scores are of no consequence and isn’t factored in.

Total Goals By Half-Time Market

Just as the market name infers, you need to predict how many goals the two teams would have scored by the time the first or second half-time whistle is blown. So, you select one half and guess how many goals will be netted in it.


If you’re looking for a fun and straightforward market to try your hand at, then you should consider total goals betting, what’s more, depending on the particular market you choose. There’s real money to be made here, too!

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