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2022 Betting Strategies For Accumulator Bets

2022 Betting Strategies For Accumulator Bets Blog Featured Image2022 Betting Strategies For Accumulator Bets Blog

Punters can make wagers on different betting markets in other sporting events, countries, and leagues across the globe. With many betting options available, a punter can select making an accumulator bet, a goalscorer bet, a handicap bet, a spread bet, an each-way bet, a parlay bet, a live bet, a lay bet, and more. Let’s take a deeper look at what accumulator bets are, the features of Acca wagers, and how punters can profit from accumulator bets.

What Are Accumulator Bets?

Accumulator bets are wagers placed on a selection or sequence of games, usually including more than two games. They play games simultaneously or at different times on separate dates. However, an accumulator bettor’s objective is to accurately predict all the outcomes in an accumulator wager to win the total bet. A single wrong prediction will result in a punter losing the accumulator wager, even if all the other predictions are on point. Example of accumulator bets: A wager on the total goals scored in Manchester City versus Manchester United, an Asian handicap on a match between Hull City and Swansea City, and an each-way bet on a match between Sevilla and Barcelona all clubbed together constitute an accumulator wager.

Features Of Accumulator Bets

Some of the critical features of Acca wagers include a high payoff and a low probability of winning the chance. A punter only needs to win once to be profitable. The profitability of an Acca wager depends on the types of games bet on, luck, and the use of statistical software to find the best combination of Acca bets.

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1. High Payoff

The payoff for accumulator wagers is exceptionally high. Punters have incentives to increase the length of their accumulator wagers because it also results in higher profit potential. As a punter has to predict more games accurately, a punter has a higher probability of getting a prediction wrong. To compensate the punter for the increased level of risk through additional wagers, punters can win millions of dollars on an accumulator wager less than $100.

2. Low Probability

The potential to win highly high profits on small wagers is appealing. However, the probability of a punter winning an accumulator is extremely low, and only a few punters can predict several outcomes correctly at the same time. For example, a punter has to make a wager on eight different results in all games in the Premier League. Getting one prediction right consistently is a task. Imagine getting all eight predictions, right?

3. One Big Win

A punter only needs to win a big accumulator wager once. Punters that place small accumulator wagers such as Accas on three games may not win much in terms of profit even if they predict all three results accurately. However, a punter placing a wager on ten games stands to win much more, irrespective of the types of bets or games. With one big win, most punters can retire and continue to make wagers from a portion of their winnings for the rest of their lives.

4. Types Of Games Bet On

The types of wagers that constitute an accumulator wager can impact the outcome of the chance, the payout of the stake, and the odds of winning or losing the bet. Taking the above example of a three accumulator wager, a punter stands to win a reasonable profit, however, with a high probability of losing the wager.

5. Luck

Most wagers on sporting events and outcomes involve a high degree of skill, research, and analysis. However, punters also need to have luck on their side with accumulator wagers. A punter may not win all their predictions without luck because teams don’t always perform as expected. While skill still plays a vital role in accumulator wagers, a punter also needs a chance from time to time.

6. Software

Punters should use betting software or analytical software such as R, RStudio, Python, or even Excel to scan through different types of wagers. A punter can select the most profitable games as part of their accumulator wager while efficiently checking through thousands of football, hockey, or other sports games every week. Efficiency saves time and resources and consistently helps a punter make the most profitable wager.

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