Let’s Review 2014 World Cup Betting Trends

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The Russia 2018 World Cup will remain forever fresh in our memory. It is only natural since it would be beyond silly even to try to forget even one moment of that all-engrossing campaign. However, suppose one were to let their memory of that remarkable event slip a little. In that case, they’d quickly recall the 2014 Brazil World Cup Tournament, another great competition that gave us solid and unparalleled entertainment. As bettors rub their palms together in glee at the odds the 2022 Qatar World Cup would bring, it helps to take a walk down memory lane to see what the 2014 world cup edition of this competition offered, especially about how things ultimately ended. Here is a breakdown of the starting odds of some of the major teams in that competition.

Brazil To Win At 4/1 Odds

Two things made Brazil clear favorites going into this competition. The first was their outstanding performance in the Confederation Cup that preceded the 2014 World Cup. They went out of their way to display their raw dominance on the field, instilling confidence in bettors worldwide that they had what it took to go far. The second was that this tournament would be played on their home turf, giving them an overwhelming advantage over the 31 other countries. Sadly, as we all know, this would prove insufficient as they ultimately finished fourth in the tournament.

Spain To Win at 8/1 Odds

Yet another team that raised our hopes with good reason was the Spanish team. During this time, they’d developed a unique style of possessive play that seemed to frustrate their opponents and give them superiority on the field. Coupled with the fact that they had the likes of Javi Martinez, Juan Mata, and Sergio Ramos, it wasn’t hard for anyone to see them clinch the top spot. However, bettors who wagered on Spain to win the FIFA World Cup were disappointed as they didn’t get into the knockout stage.

Germany To Win at 7/1 Odds

In retrospect, the world should’ve seen the victory of the German team coming. Unlike most other groups, these players didn’t win out of the blue. Instead, they spent many years fine-tuning their lineup and building their squad until it brought them the golden generation that ultimately claimed the 2014 World Cup Trophy.

England To Win at 33/1 Odds

Despite the guidance of a coaching veteran like Roy Hodgson and formidable players like Joe Hart, Steven Gerrard, and Wayne Rooney, there wasn’t much confidence that the English team would make it very far. These dark speculations would prove accurate as the Three Lions suffered two defeats and a draw before finally crashing out at the group stage.

Final Word

Much of the events of the 2014 World Cup were unanticipated. However, some occurrences could’ve been predicted with the correct information. Position yourself to win big in the 2022 World Cup by getting the latest and most accurate info in!