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If a Team Wins on Aggregate, Does Your Football Bet Win?

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There’s no doubt that sports betting – especially football betting – is a good and entertaining enterprise. With that, it can also get very convoluted sometimes. For example, you can place a bet, and the expected outcome of an event will leave you wondering whether you won or lost the wager. For instance, if a team you backed won on aggregate, does that translate to a win on the bet slip as well? To answer this crucial question accurately, you need to understand how this system works first.

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The Away Goals Rule – What It Is And How It Applies

As you likely already know, while most commentators and bettors alike will reference the outcome of previous encounters between two teams for different reasons, each match-up result is independent, unique, and doesn’t influence the other in any way. That is the general rule for particular stages in specific leagues and tournaments as the Away Goals Rule is in action. In essence, the rule infers that if Team A and Team B have met and played on their Home and Away grounds, the team with the highest number of total goals wins. The rule comes into play precisely if the two teams have scored an equal number of purposes, both home and away.
In the instance cited above, the team with the highest number of away goals wins that competition.

Competitions That The Away Goals Rule Applies To

This rule is usually put to effect when a specific number of teams reach the knock-out stage of competitions like;

  • The Champions League
  • The Europa League
  • World Cup Qualifiers and so on.

Goals’ collation is aggregate scores, as both teams did it during their two encounters.

If The Team You Pick Wins On Aggregate, Does That Translate To a Win On Your Bet Slip?

The answer to this is directly dependent on the exact type of bet you placed as much as the outcome itself. But ultimately, you can have one only of two outcomes.

Outcome One – When You Bet On The Team To Win The Match

If the wager on your bet slip is for the team to win the match and they don’t, then you’ve lost the bet. It would remain the case, even if they won the duel on aggregate.

Outcome Two – When You Bet On The Team To Qualify

You would win the bet if you wagered on the team to qualify on your bet slip. Even if they lost their second match, you get a payout so far they are ahead on aggregate. However, if they win the game but drop out on aggregate, you lose the bet.

And there you have it! To know more about the Away Goals Rule and aggregates, be sure not to miss our next post!

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