Our Favorite Team In 2022 World Cup Group E

Favorite Team In 2022 World Cup Group E

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Most football lovers know that it’s often easier to tell whether or not a team is destined for glory in the World Cup tournament by how it performs in the group stage. While the constitution of some groups automatically means that some teams will be off to a fiery start, it can also be kinder on some other teams. On the surface, 2022 World Cup Group E appears to fall in the latter category. However, with Costa Rica beating New Zealand to qualify, there may be more under the hood than everyone initially suspected. Subsequently, we’ll reveal our favorite team to lead this group and what you can expect from the other contestants.

2022 World Cup Group E Teams

Following Costa Rica’s stunning victory thanks to Campbell, they joined the ranks of Germany, Spain, and Japan in the group. Of these four teams, our favorite team to win is Germany.

Germany As The First-Place Team In 2022 World Cup Group E

Anyone who only started watching the German side play in 2018 would have a feeble opinion of the side. Under Joachim Low, these football titans slipped so severely that they suffered a first-round exit in the 2018 World Cup – the first time Germany would crash out at that tournament stage in 8 decades! To make matters worse, they didn’t show significant improvement in the EURO 2020 either. However, under the new management of wonder coach Hansi Flick, we’re hoping that they’ve put the days of subpar performance in their rearview. Since he assumed control of the German national team last year, he (Hansi) hasn’t suffered a single defeat and will be looking to eagerly replicate some of that magic when the World Cup finally starts. Manuel Neuer, IIkay Gundogan, and Thomas Muller are sure to do their best for the country’s glory here, too.

What To Expect From The Other Sides In The Group

Germany is almost sure to have its hands full with Spain. Like their German counterparts, they desire the performance of these football giants has left much to bin recent times. But they seem to have caught their second wind under Luis Enrique and are beginning to show a semblance of their former selves. However, even though they’re solid in the back and the midfield and even have the likes of Raul de Tomas and Alvaro Morata to call on in front of the goal, they seem incapable of finding the net consistently. It may be a big problem in the tournament. It does not discount Japan, as they have recently had a rather long list of stunning offsets. With Eiji Kawashima, Yuya Osako, and Daizen Maeda in decent form, we can certainly expect great things from them. Costa Rica will also look to make their mark in such a complex group. And, on the back of their fantastic display in qualifying, we see them bringing a surprise or two.

Final Word

2022 World Cup Group E mightn’t be the flashiest in the 2022 World Cup, but it does have its charms.

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