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One popular saying goes, “No risk, no reward.” As far as we know, this is actually true. That is unless you’re placing matched bets! Matched bets help you win potentially huge sums of money at virtually no risk to your bankroll! Right now, you’re probably asking,

  • Is it truly possible to bet with no risk of losing?
  • How do matched bets help you achieve this?
  • If this is for real, how do you get in on the action?

Matched bets are made possible through the efforts of your bookmaker. As the Football betting niche is one of the most competitive in the world today, bookmakers are always looking to keep their old bettors, as well as encourage new ones to join their platform. One resource that helps them do both is the matched bet. As such, the perk of a matched bet is something you get if you’re the loyal customer of a particular bookie or you’re a first-timer who wants to show some of the many benefits of working with them. Either way, here’s how it works.

When there’s a matched bet available, your bookmaker notifies you of the details. As an example, your bookmaker may inform you they are offering 100 Ringgit free bet if you bet 80 Ringgit on a particular game that Team X will beat Team Y. When this happens, you’re afforded two options. You can either accept the offer without taking further action or do something more profitable by matching the bet! What you do here is accept the offer then locate a betting exchange and proceed to lay the bet there. This simply means you place a counter bet here that Team X would lose or draw. This effectively ensures that whatever the outcome, you come out on top!

One small drawback here is that betting exchanges typically offer lesser odds than bookies, meaning you mightn’t make as much as you could here. While the perks of match bets are abundant, like little risk and free money, you have to do it right to ensure you get what you want. To that end:

  • Keep things simple. Until you have a thorough understanding of how this market works, only bet in small bits and don’t accept the more complex offers you’re likely to encounter.
  • Don’t hesitate to consult the pros when you encounter confusing situations. This is also important as it helps you better capitalize on all available opportunities.
  • Lastly, odd boosts are your friends! Now and then, bookies will inflate their odds as a way of encouraging bettors to bet with them. This is great for you as it increases what you stand to win with the same stake!

Matched bets are great, but some bettors have a bad experience with them because they don’t take the time to do it right. However, once you take the time to understand the basics, you won’t have any problems!

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