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You can’t call talking about the best-betting markets in Football complete without tipping a hat to the Each Way betting market. Even though this betting market isn’t for everyone and certainly takes some getting used to, there’s no contesting that it has a lot to offer punters.

  • What is Each Way betting?
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Are there any key warnings about using this betting market worth remembering? Each Way betting allows you to combine two wagers into one. With Each Way betting, you’re dealing with two wagers. The first is the Win wager, and the second is the Place wager.

The Win wager is somewhat self-explanatory. You make the right prediction and you win the bet outright. The real perk of the Each Way betting market is the Place bet. This aspect of Each Way betting does for you is to ensure that you have a safety net, should your Win wager not turn out as expected. Essentially, Place is used to represent the team’s position you’re betting on in the competition. As such, on top of your Winning wager–you can bet that the team will place 1st position, 2nd position, 3rd position, or even 4th position; depending on the scope of the competition. You must remember that the odds that govern your Place wager are typically a set fraction of the win wager.

When playing Each Way betting in Football, you’re required to be more centered on the bigger picture as this bet will require you to determine who’ll place 1st, 2nd, and so on well before things have been decided. The major benefit of this betting market is helping you ensure that you salvage your wager and some profit in the event things don’t fall out quite as predicted. To that end, to get the most out of Each Way betting, you need to ensure you fulfill two criteria. The first is that before placing your bet, ensure that the odds you’re dealing with are greater, or at worst, equal to 2.00.

The second is to ensure that the size of your wager isn’t less than $2 as in the absence of that, you won’t be able to recover any losses if your Win bet flops. The rule with Each Way is the higher your wager, the more insured you are if your Win bet loses and your Place bet wins.

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