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The Martingale System: A Strategy For Sports Betting Success

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A few betting systems are as versatile and well-used as the martingale betting strategy. What’s more, thanks to the numerous malleable features of this betting strategy, it can be readily adapted for beginners and veterans alike. Here, we’ll look at how this famous betting strategy works and some merits and demerits of leveraging it.

The Origin Of The Martingale Betting Strategy

Unlike many sports betting systems you’ll encounter today, the martingale wasn’t originally a sports strategy. It was adapted for use from roulette betting. However, regardless of where you use this popular betting strategy, the operating principle remains the same; after you suffer a loss in a betting round, you double your initial bet in the next wager. It is simple; if you win after doubling your bet, you stand a real chance of recuperating all you’ve lost so far and gaining a little extra in one blow. Because of this, you’re supposed to double your bet after each loss repeatedly until you finally win. Keep in mind that when using this betting strategy, should you run into an extended streak of losses, the size of the wager you want to make can increase drastically.

Application Of The Martingale In Sports Betting

Say, for example, that you’re an avid fan of the English Premier League and you prefer betting in that space. Let’s also assume that you want to bet on the Man U vs. Chelsea fixture to be played on Thursday, the Burnley vs. Leeds game on Thursday, and the Liverpool vs. Crystal Palace match on Friday. Now, using the martingale system, if you bet $30 on the first fixture and lose, you’ll have to bet $60 on the next game. If you lose that one, you’ll have to bet $120 on the Friday game. If you win this bet, you would have successfully made back the $90 you lost in the last two rounds and a little something on top. Considering that can suddenly turn into a high-stakes betting strategy, it helps for you to set a limit and stick with that going in.

Merits Of Using The Martingale Sports Betting System

Because of how uncomplicated it is, you won’t have any problems remembering how it works or implementing it. It doesn’t have any complicated mathematical formulas, making it one of the best betting strategies for beginners.

Demerits Of Using The Martingale Sports Betting Strategy

An extended streak of losses can quickly morph this betting system into a high-stakes betting strategy. It doesn’t make the odds you’re up against any more favorable. It would be best to have a sizable bankroll to execute this betting strategy correctly, as what you have to bet can increase drastically.

Our Thoughts

All in all, this isn’t a strategy we recommend when sports betting. Even though it is uncomplicated to employ, it’s highly volatile, making it unideal for you!