English Footballer Phil Foden In UEFA Euro 2020

Phil Foden In UEFA Euro 2020

Phil Foden In UEFA Euro 2020 Blog Featured ImagePhil Foden In UEFA Euro 2020 Blog

By and large, not many established star players can boast the accolades and achievements that Phil Foden has accrued at the young age of 21. Currently playing for the Manchester City side, this astounding midfielder has more than earned his spot as one of the upcoming stars to look out for in the coming UEFA Euro 2020 games. Since time immemorial, the Three Lions have never been short on star players to take the international stage. Under Gareth Southgate’s guidance, not much has changed in that regard, meaning that even as good as Phil is, there is still that spark of possibility that he might not play very regularly. While we wait to see how the Southgate-led team will play their cards in the coming tournament, here are a couple of things that UEFA Euro 2020 viewers and bettors should note about this Stockport-born star.


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Phil Foden Record So Far

You rarely find a record as accolade-studded as the one that this youngster has (and seems intent on adding to). His professional career entirely fell into focus when he was awarded the FIFA U-17 World Cup Golden Ball for a sterling performance throughout the campaign. Influential to the success of England in that expenditure, his consistent display from fixture to fixture put him in the scope of some of the big names in European football, which is why no one was shocked when Man City scooped this player up soon after that tournament ended. He debuted for the club in 2017 and didn’t slow down or let his pace falter. When on the pitch and off, his attitude and disposition were so commendable that the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) recognized him with the Young Sports Personality of the Year award in December of that same year.

Phil Foden Influence In Manchester City Football Club

Phil Foden has been a relatively prominent fixture in the Manchester City lineup. It might not seem like much of a big deal at first, but when you look through the squad that the Premier League champions for this season boast, you know that this youngster puts in his all, and his skills have become recognized and appreciated deeply in the big club. With more than 100 appearances, Phil Foden has made a big name for himself with the Manchester United rivals. So far, the work and effort he puts in for the club have earned him nothing short of eight major honors, not least of which is that he’s currently the youngest player to receive the Premier League winners’ medal.

2019 was an exceptionally brilliant year for this player as he not only won the Premier League title for the second time with Man City, he also went on to become the UEFA Champions League’s youngest Goalscorer in history. Furthermore, he has also become the youngest English player in history to distinguish himself in the knockout stages of the UEFA Champions League as he both started and scored in these rounds.

Phil Foden Possible Impact In Euro 2020

This young player has shown himself to be one of those precious few players in UEFA Euro 2020 whose performance doesn’t dip or falter when playing for club or country. Considering that he’s one of the best options that England currently has to boost their midfield, and he’s very young, we can expect him to play a role in Southgate’s winning tactics.

But how much of this budding talent will we see? We’ll be following Phil Foden closely. So, be sure to check us for more UEFA Euro 2020 updates on him.