Facts About Badminton Asia Team Championships

Facts About Badminton Asia Team Championships blog featured imageFacts About Badminton Asia Team Championships blog

With the latest round of the Badminton Asia Team Championships (BATC) slated to hold from the 15th to the 20th of February, 2022, there isn’t a better time to take a walk down memory lane and reminisce about some of the essential aspects of this tournament that makes it so dearly beloved! Formerly known as the Asia Badminton, the Badminton Asia Championships is a competition put together by the official governing body of the sport on the Asian continent, Badminton Asia, to pick and crown the best and finest badminton teams and individuals on the continent! Here are some facts that every BATC fan should know!

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1. BATC As It Is Today Was Founded In 2017

Although the men’s team championship has been around since 1962, it was last played nearly two decades ago in 1993. To revive this tournament more competitively, Badminton Asia decided to create Badminton Asia Team Championships in 2016. It would not only become the new men’s and women’s team championships challenge, but it would also double as the qualification tournament for the Thomas and Uber Cups Finals. And, just like the Thomas and Uber Cups final, the Badminton Asia Team Championships is a biennial tournament.

2. India Was The First Country To Host the First-Ever Badminton Asia Team Championships

The first BATC of its kind was played in Hyderabad, India. Originally slated to be played either in Bangkok or Hyderabad, the latter finally won the bidding process, and the championship tournament was played between the 15th to 21st of February in the GMC Balayogi Indoor Stadium. It was here that Indonesia beat out Japan in the men’s team competition to become the first BATC winners. In the women’s team department, China claimed this honor for themselves.

3. Indonesia Has The Highest Number Of Medals In The Men’s Team Championships

From the inception of the Badminton Asia Team Championships, Indonesia has competed in all the three tournaments played so far. And, in the men’s team, they’ve won all three championships, leaving them with three gold medals.

4. Japan Has The Highest Number Of Medals In The Women’s Team Championships

Dominating this category is Japan. With one silver medal and two gold medals from their previous forays into this arena, they remain the major team to beat as far as the women’s tournament is concerned.

5. Two Countries Share A Tie In Overall Number Of Medals For The Men’s And Women’s Team

While the precious metals that their medals are made of might be different, the total number of medals that Japan and South Korea have won in the Badminton Asia Team Championships so far isn’t! As of this moment, Japan has won 2 gold medals, two silver medals, and one bronze medal, bringing their medal tally up to 5. However, South Korea has won 1 gold medal and four bronze medals, bringing their count up to 5!

In Conclusion

The BATC is a highly contested tournament that badminton athletes give their all to play. Because of this, it promises always to be full of intrigue and excitement! Make the most of this experience and back your favorite team on SBOtop today!