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Slot games have been around in various forms for over two centuries now, starting with casinos and progressing to online casinos with the advent of online communication. Over the past two decades, several premier gaming firms have innovated the usual way slot games are played online. The features of slot games remained the same, with a punter requiring to spin and land on specific symbols to win a jackpot. However, the style, gamification, types, and delivery of slot games have changed over the last few years based on punter’s demands and preferences. Different types of innovation within the game and gaming and betting industry have helped new games and features gain prominence. One of these innovations within slot games includes mega spins slots. Mega spin slots are the grand version of regular slot games. Each mega spin slot is formed by combining different reels from different slots into a single slot game. With more pay lines and reels, a punter will have several opportunities to win while having fun playing mega spin slots at the same time.

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Features Of Mega Spin Slots

Some of the features of mega spin slots include online access, several reels and pay lines, low minimum bets and higher betting limits, maximum limits on payouts and bonuses.

1. Online Play

In reality, designing and buying a mega spin slot machine is too expensive for several land-based casinos. Most punters that want to play any mega spin slot game can do so online. Mega spin slots can be played online since it’s easier to incorporate multiple betting reels on a single screen. Mega spin slots were initially designed in the ’60s but didn’t gain prominence until the advent of video slots in the ’80s. Most casinos couldn’t afford to carry the machine because of the cost or lack of retail space on the casino floor.

2. Multiple Reels And Pay Lines

Punters gain access to thousands of different pay lines and over six reel slots on all mega spin slot games. In addition, some of the mega spin slot game features include wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins, and bonus rounds. While some punters new to betting may find multiple pay lines and characters confusing, it only adds to the game’s fun after a while. Moreover, punters gain access to big winnings through a single bet or even more on multiple bets.

3. Minimum Bets

Punters can wager with a minimum bet of only 0.10 Euros for any wager ranging from sports betting to casino and slot games. A minimum bet incentivizes new punters to play slot games without having to worry about high minimum stakes. A punter is not restricted to an upper limit amount wagered on mega spin slots. However, it is advisable to start slow and make multiple bets over time.

4. Maximum Winnings

The maximum jackpot amount a punter can win on mega spin slots is limited to the amount staked multiplied into a higher multiplier. Usually, the amount is limited to 10,000 times the amount stakes, which is not a limit since a 100$ bet can net a million dollars. Apart from the main jackpot, punters can win prizes and cash in jackpot rounds, free spins, bonus rounds, multipliers, and more. The lure of big winnings attracts several slot gamers to mega spin slot games.

5. Return To Player

The return to the player is effectively how much a player stands to make playing with a game or gaming machine in the long run. The higher the return to the player, the more profitable it is for the player. The lower the return to the player, the more beneficial it is for the slot gaming provider. Mega spin slots have an average return of over 96%, which is better than most slot games on average, ranging from 80-95%.

6. Values Of Symbols

Each symbol has an associated value to it. A combination of several characters makes the player eligible for a minor jackpot or the main jackpot. Some mystery symbols can multiply the wager of the spin by 50 times or 100 times. Some symbols replace any character in a reel for the desired outcome. Some marks enable a player to spin ten more times without placing a wager and keeping the returns.

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