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Online slot games are designed in two ways: either one pay line or more than one pay line or multi payline slots. Multi payline slots are online slot games designed with more than a single pay line to increase the number of possible combinations and more symbols. Slot games with single pay lines have limited combinations of wins, limited symbols, a low pay-in, and a higher probability of winning a lower payout. For example, a slot game with three reels offers only single pay lines. The probability of winning on multi payline slots is higher as compared to single pay line slots. However, the pay-in to activate multiple pay lines is more elevated than single pay line slots to compensate players for the additional risk involved to the provider.

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How To Play?

A player has three options when making an online slot game wager. A punter can bet on multiple pay lines, a single pay line, or selected pay lines within the slot game.

  1. A punter can make a single wager, making the punter eligible for all combinations in the middle row.
  2. A punter can also select all pay lines available to bet on and make a wager by paying for each eligible pay line to get activated.
  3. A punter has the option of selecting specific pay lines (such as 2, 4, 10, 22, etc.) and paying for the wagers on selected pay lines.
  4. To win, a punter needs to match three symbols on a selected or any selected row. A punter can also win with two matching symbols paired with a unique character, such as a scatter symbol or a wild symbol.

Features Of Multi Payline Slots

Some of the features of multi payline slots on SBOTOP include access to more pay lines, access to well-designed and interactive online slot games with the listed rules, regulations, and return to player for each online slot game.

1. Paylines

Paylines are the rows and columns that feature several boxes which display various symbols. The pay lines for multi-slot games range from 10 pay lines to over 1000 pay lines and up to 5 reels based on each game. With more pay lines, players have improved odds of winning with more combinations and symbols available for each spin or roll. In addition, some slot game providers count a variety as valid only if formed from left to right, while others count left to right and right to left combinations as applicable.

2. Wide Range Of Multi Payline Slots

On SBOTOP, slot gamers gain access to over 30 different online multi payline slot games. Some of the slot games players can play immortal romance, book of Oz (a game with respins), Zeus ancient fortunes, Feline fury, Arena of Gold, Diamond force, Sea Hunter, Raging Rex, Rise of Merlin, The Sword and the Grail, Doom of Egypt, Honey rush, Cash pump, the Shield of Athena, Rally 4 Riches, Mega Moolah (includes jackpots), Miami glow, Arthur’s Gold, Gold Volcano, Blinged, Roman Power, All Win FC, the Vault, the Rise of Olympus, Super Sync, Astec Warrior Princess, Rainforest Magic, Mission Cash, Temple of Wealth, and more.

3. Game Design

Each game is designed with different storylines, rewards, bonuses, gaming textures, and in-game features. Every game is unique, giving punters the ability to win and make money at the same time. Microgaming and PlayNGo are two industry-leading gaming developers who have designed several gaming titles hosted on SBOTOP. Players are drawn to well-designed games in addition to the ability to make a profit.

4. RTP or Return To Player

Return to Player or RTP is the actual return a player can expect from playing a particular slot game in the long run. The RTP analyzes how much a player can expect and how much the online slot provider can expect in terms of returns. Players can find the RTP for each multi payline slot game by logging in to the SBOTOP platform. After logging in, a player can view the RTP for each game by clicking on the question icon. On average, RTP’s for slot games range from 80% to 99%. A player can win with a higher RTP, but a player will also win a lower payout. A player has a better chance of winning a higher payout but a lower chance of winning with a lower RTP.

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