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Double Chance Betting Market Reviews

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In its purest form, everyone knows that any football event can only yield one of three outcomes; either the home team wins, draws, or suffers a loss. Because of this, football betting appears to be rather dull to some. However, there are several betting markets you can try out that spice things up for you and even eliminate one of these three outcomes! In this case, we’re talking about double chance betting. One of these is double chance betting.

What Is Double Chance Betting?

It is the type of betting market employed by people who are partial to backing the underdog but still want to win. It is especially favored because it helps you cover two of the three possible outcomes that a football event can yield.

How It Works

Double chance betting lets a punter use a single wager to cover two possible outcomes. Here’s an example of how this betting market operates. Let’s assume that Liverpool will be facing Manchester City in the Premier League. If we consider the current form of both sides, there is a strong possibility the game will end in a draw, isn’t there? Knowing this, you can leverage the double chance betting market. So, here, you can back Chelsea to win or, failing that, draw. In this case, the only premise under which you won’t come up with a winner is if Manchester City wins that match. Alternatively, you can bet on Manchester City to win or draw. You only lose if Chelsea wins. Lastly, you can bet that Chelsea will win or Manchester City will win. In this instance, you only lose if the match ends in a tie.

What To Remember About Double Chance Odds

Before you consider using this betting market, you should be aware that the odds in this market are considerably smaller than what you’d find in most other markets. Consequently, double chance betting is more than suitable for you if you want to increase your chances of winning as much as possible. However, if you’re a value hunter, we recommend that you look elsewhere, as the odds of getting here won’t amount to much.

Advantages Of Betting Double Chance

  1. It helps you bet on two outcomes with a single wager.
  2. It’s the perfect wager to place when the teams playing are evenly matched.
  3. It doesn’t put your wager at much risk.
  4. It helps you bet a little more freely on the underdog.

Disadvantages of Betting Double Chance

  1. The odds are relatively poor, especially compared to what you get with 1×2 betting.
  2. It discourages betting on favorites as the yields are still poorer.

Final Word

With everything about double chance betting laid bare to you, deciding whether this market is for you or not should be a comparatively more straightforward affair now. If you’d like to get the best odds possible for this betting system, we recommend you use our platform as there is a wealth of discounts and promo offers you can regularly access to increase your payout here!

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