Baccarat Betting 101 – Bet Banker’s When Not Using a System
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Baccarat Betting Guide – Bet Banker’s When Not Using a System

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We dare you to count the five most popular casino card games today without mentioning baccarat.

See? That’s impossible!

This game has become a significant hit all over the world. One of the reasons the game is so loved is that it’s relatively uncomplicated to play. You have to bet on whether the player will win, the banker will win, or there’ll be a tie. Of course, considering the wealth of winning potential that the game has, professional bettors have devised complex statistical models and mathematical formulas and strategies to apply to win here. Naturally, a few of these systems work (at least to a point), while many others fall flat on their face. However, does this mean you need to have a plan, complex or straightforward if you want to bet on baccarat?

No! So, if you’ll be flying blind here, what’s the best approach to take?

Place banker bets! While these don’t assure you wins, they significantly sway the odds in your favor.

Placing Banker Bets

If you want to have fun and have a good time betting in baccarat, it only makes sense to make banker bets. Doing so is more worthwhile, thanks to the rule of the third-card draw, as this favors you immensely. Some benefits of making banker bets are that it offers;

Lower House Edge

The house edge of making banker bets in most land-based and online casinos is about 1.06% on average. If you aren’t already aware, that is one of the lowest house edges you could get in this game and even in all of the gambling, for that matter! It means that you’re better positioned to win more in this game, especially initially.

Longer Lasting Bankroll

If you do lose when making banker bets, the hit isn’t always as hard as it would be if you made a player bet or tie bet. So, it does do a little to help maximize the use of your funds. However, it isn’t all flowers and sunshine with banker bets. If you’ll be placing these types of bets, some things you need to know ahead of time include;

You Have To Pay a Commission On Winning Bets

When you place banker bets and win, the rules demand that you cough up a 5% commission of your win to the house. It is something that doesn’t happen with player bets or tie bets.

You Need To Be Conscious of Timing

Another thing you need to know is that even though banker bets give you fewer chances of losses, that’s usually at the beginning of the game. Most players will switch to player bets as the game progresses because banker bets may lose value. Beyond this, banker bets are always quite rewarding to play.