Baccarat Betting 101 – There Is No Best Bet
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Baccarat Betting Guide – There Is No Best Bet

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Baccarat is one of the oldest and most popular card games around today. As a card comparing game, it differs from the rest of its counterparts in that you don’t require any particular measure of skill to play this game. The game essentially comprises two hands: the banker hand and the player hand, all of which ultimately means that you’re left with only three betting options in this game. You can bet that;

  • The banker will win.
  • The player will win.
  • There’ll be a tie.

You are so faced with these three relatively simple options; which is the best bet to place to ensure your continued victory? The problem arises as there isn’t the best bet with baccarat!

Baccarat Betting Options And What They Afford You

While a little more detail goes into it, the player bet is excellent when you’re betting even money at its core. On the underside, the banker bet almost always ensures a win at 19 to 20 odds. It is the same as an even-money payoff. However, you’ll have to part with a 5% commission here. Lastly, the tie bet pays off at 8:1odds. What all of this translates to is;

  • Should you bet $100 on the banker and win, you’ll walk away with $195. It is the total of your original bet and your win, minus the 5% commission on the success.
  • Should you bet $100 on the player and win, you’ll walk away with $200. It is the total of your original bet and your $100 winnings.
  • However, if you bet $100 on a tie and win, you get $900 in return. It is the total of your original win and your $800 winnings.

The significant figures you see here are why many believe baccarat is considered a high roller game. Still, looking at all of this, why exactly can’t there be the best bet to place? Because none of these options pays off in the end.

The Influence Of Statistics On Baccarat

No single option qualifies as the best bet for you because the casino’s mathematical edge here trumps yours by a mile. As such, while you might score a few wins at the beginning, further down the road, the house is sure to get it all back and more. It is what we mean;

Making banker bets is extremely rewarding at the start of the game as you get more value. But the longer the game is, the less value banker bets get, and the more valuable player bets offer. Tie bets are essentially a no-go area as these have a house edge of over 14%!

Key Takeaway

There’s a reason they say that the house always wins. Ultimately, no strategy or card-counting trick can help you beat the house. So, when playing baccarat, the best thing to do is treat it like a game and never wager more than you’re happy to lose!