Different Types Of Badminton Bets: Singles, Doubles And Mixed Doubles
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Badminton Betting Options: Singles, Doubles And Mixed Doubles

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Badminton became famous after his debut in the Olympics in 1992. It has the same format as tennis singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. Badminton is a total recorder of the speed of the shell used in the play. The fastest recorded speed was 493 km/h.

About Badminton Betting

Badminton is a game where you win with two wins, so possible results could be 2:0 and 2:1, which can be appealing for betting because there is little happening score-wise. Much of the badminton games are unpredictable because of the speed of the shell, which can go up to hundreds of kilometers per hour. It all makes fun to bet on; here, we will explain the types of bets you can put on badminton games.

Match/Game Winner

It is self-explanatory; you bet on Player A or B to win the match. Since there are no draws in badminton, you only have two options, although some bookmakers allow you to bet that there will be a draw at some point in the match.

Total Bet

There are a few more options when discussing the total bets. You can bet on the result, the capacity of a competition by games, the total of a game, individual total in a game or a match. Even or odd sum in a contest or a partner. For example, even or odd for a match would look something like this:

  • You play even in the game.
  • The result is 2:1 with 60 to 42, so the total point of the game is 102.
  • You won this bet.

So, the total bets are regarding points in some period or the whole game.

Handicap Bet

It can also be straightforward to understand, as there are only two options when implementing a handicap bet in your strategy. A handicap bet is much like match winner bet, and the two options are:

  • +1.5
  • -1.5

You are betting on a particular player to win the match 2:0 or the opposite of losing the match 0:2. You need to watch the odds as there is a chance that the odds are different for handicap and correct score. Rember to permanently put it at the higher odds as they are the same thing.

Correct Score Bet

It is yet another easy-to-understand bet type, as there are limited options. As you know, badminton has two wins, so the possible outcomes of the match can only be:

  • 2:0
  • 2:1
  • 1:2
  • 0:2

It can be interesting for inexperienced players who want to try their luck. Badminton is unpredictable so some people can benefit from this type of betting.

Leader After

It can be fun. A leader bet is when you bet on a player to lead after 5/10/15/20 points in one set. So, for example, you bet Player A will be a leader after 5 points. And for example, if the result is 3:2 for player A, you won the bet.

Closing Thoughts

Remember that this explains how things work and is not a betting suggestion. Don’t believe anyone who promises guaranteed wins on any game, not just badminton, as they are likely scamming you. And the most important thing is to bet responsibly and not let the heat of the moment get to you.